a girl so hot that if she pinched a loaf on your waffles, you would get a hard on.
Stephanie is such a waffle crapper.
by iDON'T haveANAME November 06, 2006
when one person thinks someone that is so ugly that they will crap on them whilst sleeping and then leave before he/she wakes up...
Gavin: While Chad was sleeping i rubbed my cummy shit all over his chest.
Chad: Right after I had sex with Gavin last night he shit on my chest. What a waffle crapper
by Dr. Wendy January 28, 2008
A girl that's so hot, you wouldn't mind if she crapped on your waffles while you're eating breakfast the morning after.
Did you see Ariana today? I don't care if she never returns my calls, she's a freaking waffle crapper.
by Body Pillow December 12, 2004
A Waffle Crapper is a girl that is so hot that if she crapped waffles you would eat her crap. The waffles would come buttered too.
Did you see Jasmine today, shes such a waffle crapper. If she shit waffles, I would definitely eat them.
by Brnk365 October 25, 2005

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