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A word used to add emphasis to a statement. Taken from the similar phrase "hella" and modified by over-educated douchebags from the Pacific Northwest for no apparent reason.
Trevor: Hey Josh! Your cargo pants are hecca sweet?

Josh: Thanks, dude! Wanna go to Starbucks and get a latte?
by The Slow Kid February 28, 2006
Something that is hectic, or even beyond hectic.
to be used as a statement of awe or excitement.
Will often be muttered by trippers, unable to form complex sentences about how they feel on certain astonishing events.
Jack-"Holy shit check out the beard on that chick"
Jason - "heccas"

"That was one Heccas night"

by SinisterFish April 04, 2009
See Hella.
A word used primarily by younger kids around their parents, because hella was considered a curse word.
Man, my parents are hecca retarded, they said I couldn't go to da party.

You hecca dumb.
by DatBayChick February 25, 2008
A word that californians like to use, and think it's wierd when you don't.
Derek- Thats hecca cool.

Molly- No, don't say that.

Derek- you wish you could say it!
by Molly M. September 13, 2007
a california thing, short form of 'heck of'....if u dont wanna say 'hell of/hella'
them kicks are hecca cool, man
by Hizzle November 01, 2003
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