Elite speak (1337 5p34k) that expresses joy
I just got a promotion. w00t!
by UAPercussionPhooker October 19, 2003
originally standing for "We Own (the) Other Team". More commonly used in WoW for victories over bosses or epic /legendary drops in end-game.
Bobbytwink: "We just stomped alli in WSG 3-0!"
twinkedoutwar: "W00T!"
sneakyrogue: "W00t!!!!11"
by charb September 19, 2006
a term used to express joy or excitement. You will find this word in sketch gamers' vocabulary. Should only be used over the internet and should not be found in the dictionary.
"Today i played WoW for 22 hours and i jacked off to my character, w00t." "I haven't seen daylight in 14 days, w00t"
by Jay Cash Symbol July 18, 2008
An act of being excited. commonly used on the internet.
w00t! i won teh football game!
by snowh4x December 11, 2006
exclamation of joy, origins much-contested, but definitely pre-dating online games such as Counterstrike and Everquest- oldest usenet post containing such usage is January 08 1996. Said to originate from 133tspeak (which would pre-date that post by several years), an exclamation of 'root!'- meaning someone had achieved root-level access in a Xnix-based system, and thus, had full access.
"I'm required to enter an example! w00t!"
by Will Von Wizzlepig June 10, 2005
A term used by gamers to represent having gained something, capturing the flag or getting a head shot, originally Wondrous Loot, later shortened. Often used in l33t 5p33k.
"Got the flag!"
by Damon Tarlaei August 17, 2006
or woot Used as exclamation on many online fourms/games etc.
"w00t! I got 7000 Gold! ^^"
by Keenan H. May 17, 2006
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