The act of joyful wooting when something is accomplished

Being in a constant state of woot and happiness
1.Wootness! I finally found the legendary -1 stage in Super Mario Bros.

2. He's been in wootness mode for an hour now, think we should tell him I slept with his sister yet?
by Jacob Ritz May 14, 2006
Wootness-a better version of woot! Used to describe extreme happiness!
Wootness! That was so freakin' cool!
by Hunty June 21, 2004
meaning hooray, yes!, woot, yay ect.

can also be lengthened to"

or my favourite
"guess what, Green Day are coming to melbourne"

me: WOOTNESS!!!!
by all_sysyems_down July 25, 2008

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