The most annoying thing you'll ever hear.

A horn, I think you'll find..

Vuvuzela: BzZzzzzZzzzzZzzzzZzz

Rest of the world: Shut the fuck up!
by Vope June 23, 2010
Swarm of bees that was constantly playing during the 2010 World Cup... oh, it's also an " instrument " played by South Africans. Extremely annoying, and hopefully baned before the next World Cup.
Person 1: I tried to watch the World Cup, but all i could hear was a swarm of bees!
Person 2: You mean all those Vuvuzela's?
Person 1: What's that...?

Person 2: It's a South African "instrument".
by DragonTamer2345 June 17, 2010
A Vuvuzela (pronounced Vu-Vu--zayla, and originating from the Zulu word for Arse, Vuvu, and Trumpet, Zela). It is a brightly coloured plastic horn approximately 10 feet in length. The Arse-Trumpet originated in the World Cup losing country of South Africa and is tradtionally played by inserting into the anus and farting as hard as possible. A high fibre diet is required to become an adept Vuvuzela Player, although the only farty note produced is b-flat,..... or b-frat.
1:Bloke- 'Man, who cut the cheese, and what's that F**kin awful sound?'

Other Bloke-'Hey I'm only playing my Vuvuzela my good fellow!'

2: Another Bloke: 'I dun eated so many baked beans, I cud shit thru the eye of my Vuvuzela
by Stephen Fry-pan June 17, 2010
Charming traditional instrument that plays the music of love. Its lilting melodies are hypnotic and calming. Friends become lovers to the irresistible strains of "Who Let the Dogs Out" played on this instrument of romance.
Ah, love! When I heard the gentle strains SSSSSSKKKKKKKKRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I knew he was coming to seduce me with his vuvuzela and knew I would surrender
by BrazenlyLiberal June 17, 2010
A sexual act in which a partner, while performing cunnulingus on a female, blows vigorously into the vagina. The reciever then screams out annoyingly, thus becoming the vuvuzela.
Person #1: Hey man, why were you blasting the South Africa World Cup game this morning?
Person #2: No dude, I was making my girl a vuvuzela last night.
Person #1: Oh, that explains that it.
by Webster and Merriam June 24, 2010
(1):A long, cheaply made plastic torture device that is being used during the 2010 World Cup. Sometimes, you hear one that's louder than the rest. No matter what's happening during the football match, they're at the same level of sound.

(2): The reason my TV will be on mute for all the World Cup

(3): Will appear in the next SAW movie
(1): Person 1: Who are you on the phone with?

Person 2: Suicide Hotline.

Person 1: what?! Why?!

Person 2: Those fucking vuvuzelas are driving me mad.

(2): Person 1: Why are you watching the TV without sound?

Person 2: I'm scared the sound of the vuvuzelas will make me go fucking deaf
Person 1: What's a vuvuzela?

Person 2: Get the fuck out.

(3): Jigsaw: Let's play a game
Person 1: Alright, what kind of game?
Jigsaw: A game of... Football

Person 1: Alright

*starts playing*

Jigsaw: Release the Vuvuzelas!

Person 1: oh my god! Ahhhgfdkerikaskjjgfuejkesdnjv
Jigsaw: heh.
by AddledSkeptic June 24, 2010
A loud and annoying as fuck horn that sounds like a swarm of angry bees
I can't hear anything at this soccer game, because everyone is blowing on thier Vuvuzela.
by Dude 991 June 23, 2010
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