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a vagina that looks like and can be played like a cheap plastic horn, making a similar sound to a vuvuzela.
dude that chick has a vulvazela.
by The Boosher June 17, 2010
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The act of violently blowing into a woman's vagina until she loudly quiffs back into your face.
I played my girlfriend's vulvazela last night, and it was much better than listening to the world cup.
by godot99 July 10, 2010
1. A woman with a high pitched, irritating voice who will not shut up, but is a nympho .
1. You slept with that vulvazela, didn't you, horndog?
by babblon June 28, 2010
A vulva that when blown the correct way can immitate the sound of the vuvuzela.
A.X.F: I was watching the aussies play at the World cup last night and everyone was blowing a vuvuzela except me. Then I remembered I could tote my girl's vulvazela. That shit's twice as loud as there junk.

Wes: Word.
by D-Ferg June 22, 2010

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