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1) When humans use tactics such as public humilition, intimidation, verbal attacks and lies, to target other human beings in an attempt to dehumanize and embarrass them in public. Using their personal blogs, some blogmasters and will use such tactics, and print commentary from their blog visitors too, picking their subjects apart, right down to the bone.

2) A feeding frenzy by blogmaster and his/her anonymous blogsters, ganging up on and targeting one or more individuals publicly. It's vulturistic, as they say things they would never say to a persons face, or in public, if their name were tagged to it.
When people post anonymously on blogs, they tend to become vulturistic. Blogmasters control and manipulate the dialogue and postings; it becomes a vulturistic human feeding frenzy at the expense of a person's reputation, and sometimes even their livelihood.
#blogs #blogmaster #humiliation #intimidation #anonymous
by Counterpoint May 24, 2008
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