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when a person gets the kill in halo multiplayer after someone else has weakened their shields to the point of death.
did you see that? i just vultched that 12 year old's kill.
by carl winslow's moustache January 14, 2008
The act of violent or angry dry humping. Often with a younger or even underage partner.
Mike: ¨so do you think I should vultch with this 16 year old, or just get high?
by the skeezer May 12, 2010
verb. To sit idle
I'm just going to vultch here on the sofa until you get back with the beer.
by Wierdly Strange August 15, 2011
verb, short for 'to vulture'. when a guy scopes out the drunk girls left at the end of a party, and corners them.
'look at tyrone, he totaly vultching on that blond'
'yeah he gonna get lucky tonite!'
by x-qwiz February 10, 2006
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