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people who circle parking lots (mall, gym, etc) looking for spots close to the door. most often done by people who could use the walk
Man, everyone was vulching spots at the gym today
by yogagirl7 May 09, 2012
People who continuously stalk cloth diaper b/s/t pages looking for people selling their used poop catchers. Most often done by people who don't actually need another diaper.
"I can't believe I missed another diaper! Damn newbies keep vulching the good ones."
by PirateHookAARRR June 12, 2013
Someone who repeatedly (and seemingly intentionally) pursues your ex-significant others.
Geez Blythe, that's the third ex-boyfriend of mine you've hooked up with. Quit your vulching!
by TigerLily7 March 20, 2011