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From 'guano,' bat poop + '-phrenia' mental disorder. Batshit insane.
Insisting that you want 'the government' to keep its hands off Medicare is one of the seven warning signs of guanophrenia.
by PieterB March 26, 2010
A person or website that posts eye-catching headlines for stories that aren't very accurate or just plain made up, in the hope that they'll go viral on social media, bringing in ad revenue. Also, a generator of fake news that frequently claims to be doing "satire" when called out for just making up outrageous shit.
He fancies himself a hip satirist, but he's really just a second-rate clickbaiter.
by PieterB March 10, 2015
For a cat, to sit near a person eating a meal with body language suggestive of a vulture waiting for something to die, esp. if done from a higher vantage point.
I didn't dare leave the table before finishing my ribs, because my three cats were vulching nearby.
by PieterB November 06, 2009
Alzheimer's Disease + humor.

A condition of older people that prevents them from seeing the humor in things that younger people find hilarious.
Uncle George left the room when we put in the "Office Space" DVD. I think he's got Alzhumor's Disease.
by PieterB July 30, 2010
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