Derogatory name for Barskahai's (Armenian's from Iran). They were given this name because they all seem to drive Honda or Acura's. Some of their cars are actually equipped with VTEC engine's, the others just buy VTEC emblems and decals from an auto parts store and apply them to their "VTEC".
The 'VTEC's seem to think that these cars are so fast and so cool, that nothing else can compare to them. To spot a 'VTEC' simply go to Glendale, CA and drive down Brand Blvd. Look for a Honda Civic with some kind of VTEC decal and a huge wing, listen for the fart-in-a-can exaust and the bumping techno music. They appear to be fast cars, but even the slowest car can do 60mph down a city street.
Duuude-bro, check out my VTEC, I just got a speaker that makes a sound like a blow-off valve.

Duuude-bro, you just got a turbo and a cold air intake? There is no way that Viper will have any chance against you.

Duude-bro, I just got some plastic Spinner hub caps for my VTEC.
by VTEC's suck July 24, 2006
the mute 1 has it pretty much nailed except for a few things. first they dont always kick in at 5000rpms. in fact there are 2 stages of vtec. the first stage in very low rpms (depending on the engine(the d16y8 starts at 2800)) where it switches from only using one of the intake valves per cylender to using both. the second stage is what he talked about (plus the valves open wider) but depends on the engine to when the cylenoid adjusts the cam timing and postition. (the d16z6 starts at 5600). Also it is much less expensive to use the head and cylenoid of a vtec engine on a non-vtec block, such as the d16y7 (or the b16a1 for you dohc fans out there). they often call a swap with a d16y7 block and a d16z6 head a mini-me swap. Ecu tuning can lower the 2nd stage kick-in time.
Honda produced engines with v-tec technology to combine power and efficiency.
by MervG September 03, 2005
a variable cam system developed by honda to help improve fuel economy. Sadly ricers often mistaken this as technology that "magicaly" makes 50+ hp on there 4 banger motors
Ricer: I didn't win because the Vtec didn't kick in!!

Me: STFU Retard! buy a turbo or but a V6 in that thing, you ricers give us REAL Import Tuners a bad name!!
by I special October 23, 2006
Country folk with a unhealthy obsession with car,including sexual fantasies about their cars which occasionally leads to sexual intercourse with said car
V-tec 1:fine car there. V-tec 2:Aye
by Port vale July 26, 2014
VTEC(Variable Valve Timing and Engine Control) is a technology employed by Honda in many of it's cars. Since it's development, VTEC has become popular among uneducated ricers, who flaunt their cars by bragging about having VTEC, all in attempt to intimidate their potential opponents. Unfortunately, ricers overlook the fact the VTEC does not engage until rpm is close to redline. As a result, VTEC is essentially useless in racing because the car has to be shifted not long after it has become active. VTEC also does nothing to improve torque in the low rpm range.

Although VTEC is meant to improve the performance of low displacement engines, it does not work nearly as effectively as a volume efficiency and performance system, in comparison to turbochargers or superchargers.

Ricers believe that VTEC, along with the addition of horsepower enhancing Walmart stickers, body kits and massive spoilers, will allow them to defeat all other street opponents in their mom's economy car. And when ricers lose every time, they typically blame it on their VTEC not kicking in, or because their NOS(empty NOS containers in their trunk) never kick in.
- Ricer pulls next to me at a red light.

Ricer: Ah dawg, you wanna race, yo? I got VTEC, yo (He repeatedly revs his car to the rev limiter)

Me: Umm, you realize that VTEC doesn't help your mom's car win races, especially against actual performance cars, don't you?

Ricer: Well I got JDM VTEC, yo. Its wayyy better.

- The stoplight turns green and the ricer stalls his manual Civic because he only just learned to drive standard today.
by tearsforqueers December 27, 2011
A piece of shit commonly found in Hondas. Much inferior to the RB
Dude someone crapped in the engine bay of my honda.. oh wait its just my V-Tec
by tallitubbie November 23, 2010
vtec:a ecu performance system used by honda this can only activate in 5000 rpm which takes a second or two to reach after that lets just say your little civic flies past the other guy
by mau5nation April 10, 2011

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