(n.)an exclamation that can mean anything

(n.)a misspelling of "crap"
VRAP! I lost my wallet.


by Tien February 06, 2005
(verb): witnessing something so overwhelmingly good or bad in a video game that is causes one to virtually defecate in one's pants.

(noun): the physical manifestation of something extremely bad in a video game.
"Did you see that explosion! It was so awesome I think I vraped myself!"

"Man, this game is so glitched! What a load of vrap!?
by Borlax September 14, 2011
Meaning: Amazing!

Originating from an amazing person called Michael.
Often used to describe Michael's silverside as being amazing!
Michael's silverside was vrap!
by michael2773 June 25, 2013
Very Radically Awesome Person
Dude! Heather is so VRAP
by Lucy-Jane Pick March 03, 2008

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