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Virtual pet game.
Playing a VPG is so much more addicting than getting a real dog.
by eddijirri_554 May 27, 2010
Better known as VICIOUS POUND GAME!!! Its when you put it on a male/female so good that they just kan't resist you after and need some of you everyday. They cater to your every need...
Man she hits me up everyday now since we first had sex. Man I got that VPG!!
by NUPEs May 14, 2009
This is when you totally dominate a woman in every sexual way. You put it on her so good that she buys things for you and also kater to your every need.
Guy 1: Man she won't stop texting or kalling me everyday all the time!

Guy 2: Its that VPG!
by The Nupes 2 May 14, 2009

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