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The well-defined oblique muscles which start at the hip bones and travel toward the groin, resembling the letter V. It's the combination of 'V' and 'crotch'.
He works on his abs at the gym every day so he can develop a nice votch.
by spiffymkf March 21, 2012
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female happy area. ie: vagina, beaver, vertical taco, hatchet wound, etc...
that guy totally put his pee pee in her votch
by Casey December 13, 2003
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The area between a girl's vagina and her butthole, like the female version of a chode.
Her vaj juices crossed her votch and made her butthole wet.
by sexualjokulate January 30, 2008
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A combination of vomit and cotch (cotch:a south african word meaning to vomit).
I feel sick!Im totally going to votch!
by Cliolintvelt December 07, 2007
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