a mashed up version of very bored, used to generally use in front of those people who are very boring and u cant tell it to them on their face, so u can use the acronym and the duffers would never know
Tazu: Hey Nick, me and Ivan watched collateral together! AGAIN!!
Nick: oh man u must have gotten vored then :|
by Lil Tazu January 07, 2012
Top Definition
Verb, past tense (present- vore.) Among the vorish, used as a verb to describe the act of being devoured.
Bob: Hey, what happened to Phil?
Bill: Remember that prostitute we met in Vegas?
Bob: Yeah?
Bill: He got vored.
Bob: Lucky bastard.
by Iseja November 10, 2008
The combination of very and bored.
Very + Bored = Vored
Guy 2:Lets Play Halo3
Guy 1: Yea Cause Im Vored
Guy 2 :Yea Me To, So Lets Play
by SanctusNirvana October 29, 2007
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