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1. vore (n) pl. vore: The original definition of this term was a nickname for vorarephilia (hint: often misspelled vorephilia or voreaphilia), derived from Latin "vorare," meaning "to devour" or "to swallow," and from Ancient Greek "philia," meaning "love" or "friend." The actual word "vorarephilia" itself refers to a paraphilia closely related to endosomatophilia, a paraphilia in which one derives sexual pleasure from being consumed or covered by anything, but vorarephilia is different in that the particular person deriving the sexual pleasure may be either an observer, a victim, or a predator, not just a victim, and in that the act must be or is preferably between two creatures who are at least remotely alive. It is sometimes (but not necessarily) consensual. There are various subsets, but the most common form is referred to as "soft vore," in which one of the two participants is swallowed whole and alive by the other. This fantasy may but does not always include digestion. The current definition of the term "vore" is usually used to refer to this paraphilia, but is sometimes used to describe any small online community of individuals who depict the content of this paraphilia with some other emotion behind the work besides sexual motivation, i.e. humor or depression. Though uncommon, such individuals and their communities undeniably exist (unless you don't believe in existence itself, or you think that everyone in the world is tricking you and is really out to get you, or anything like that).

2. vore (n) pl. vores: Any individual or group of individuals who are driven to any extent by the concept stated above.

3. vore (v) (past tense is -ed form, such as "walked" or "lumped"): To participate as the predator in the activity stated in definition 1. Not usually used with anything real as the subject or any of the objects (in a real situation, and often even in an imaginary situation, the verb "eat" is the more obvious choice).
Definition 1 example: "Warning: this picture contains vore."
Definition 2 example: "All vores are idiots." <-- Not my personal opinion, mind you
Definition 3 example: "Oh my GOD, you vored Kenny! YOU BASTARD. *kicks stomach*"
by InvaderKap March 09, 2009
1. dimension (n) pl. dimensions: A specification of the spatial and directional limits of a given space, designated by a number representing the maximum number of lines in said instance of geometric space that can possibly exist such that the angle between any one of them and any other one of them is a right angle (also designated by the minimum number of points needed to define it minus one).
2. dimension (n) pl. dimensions: A category of related units of measurement that can be converted to one another from one another.
3. dimension (n) pl. dimensions: An alternate universe or a parallel universe, the latter usually referred to in fiction.
Definition 1 example: A plane exists in 2 dimensions because only 2 lines at a time can be mutually perpendicular in it.
Definition 2 example: The dimensions in question in the formula for speed are distance and time.
Definition 3 example: In this other dimension, the strange people with giant hands did things vastly differently.
by InvaderKap March 31, 2009
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