Forumspamming heavy metal fan with a trendy hairstyle.
Let's paint voodoo's hair pink.
by Grayfox April 06, 2003
Alright. For all you stupid-asses out there, let me tell you a little something about vodou.
Yes, oh my god, i spelled it vodou. That's the way its supposed to be spelled. And then there's the arogant people who spell it voodoo. No. Vodou. Get it through ya damn minds.
Vodou is a religion that originates from Africa, in the time of slavery. It, though worships serveral spirits, is not polythism, and worships soley only one god, and lower gods, called Lwas, pronounced Lu-ows.
Just to let you know, Santeria, is bull. In the 1600's the spaniards caught the slaves practicing what they called as black magic. The word Santeria, originates from the spanish word, Brujeria.
No, vodou is not some crazy black magic thing that gives you super powers and kills other people and lets you control mind.
It's more complex than that, much more beautiful, actually. Occasionally there is possesstion, but not to be confused with demonic possession, just call it theomorphisis. This happens during a ritual, where the Lwas come down from the heavens. They can stay in a person for minutes, days, or months. Whatever they chose. The Lwas crave life, to feel what we feel, to experience and use our emotions and reactions and our pleasures and feelings.
Vodou is nothing to be afriad of. Don't steriotype it all you dumbasses.
My friend is a vodouist, she practices vodou daily.

by CeliaRosa March 09, 2009
That godsmack song that starts with sully saying im the not one whose so far away blah blah blah and then in the video crazy bald frog men run through the forest while sully and his band are in the middle of nowhere.(i know some guy already put this)
Loser: PLAY SO FAR AWAY!!!!!
Cool person: its voodoo smart one and this is the millionth time
by GANJAMAN October 28, 2004
A homosexual recruiter for the Lead With Valor clan in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. He often can be found in MOHAA servers recruiting little boys.
"Hey guys! Voodoo recruited me!" - Moneyman
by Happy Leaf May 10, 2005

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