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someone who voluntarily vomits.
someone who suffers from bulimia
by megan March 11, 2004
1. The first person in a group of friends to vomit during a night out drinking.
1. Claud - "Fuck man i'm hanging like a crazy ass biatch"

Lyle - "Yeah you were completely shitfaced guy...Do you remember hitting a chunder on the dancefloor?"

Claud - "No ways man you fucking lying you jerk-hole."

Lyle - "Fuck dude you sprayed two chicks while pulling awesome rocket knee."

Claud - "Did i blow first."

Lyle - "Oh yeah... You were the vomiteer guy."

Claud - "Fucking A!!!!"
by Stevsie Z and the Temps May 17, 2009
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