A commonly occurring group consisting of 5 people. Usually found in a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. Voltron's always consists of 4 white males (some have goatee's) and one Asian female. Not really noticed until you find yourself in one, then you see them everywhere.
Oh look, there is another Asian woman in a Voltron.
I love this Mongolian Grill... wow, look at all the Voltrons!
See that Voltron table over there? they get 5 Venti's.
Look at that LL Bean catalog... is that a Voltron on the cover?
God I love shopping at IKEA! OMG is that an Ektorp Voltron?
by Mrsailorman April 03, 2010
To gather for a common purpose, typically a social event; to work together.
"Alright gentlemen, this is our nightly agenda. First we'll voltron at the bar, grab a buzz and a bite to eat, and then head off to the strip club."
by Philgamesh August 04, 2008
The product of when ethan kristof and braden hubburmin do the fusion dance.
by voltroncomeplete October 20, 2010
A group (M or F Group) where it would require combining body parts from each so-so person in the group to make one awesome, attractive person. Similar to the cartoon character Voltron, a super powerful robot made when 5 smaller, weaker robots combined.
Wow, there are no hot women in that group. They need to form Voltron.
by WordMrSmith April 23, 2011
A group of individuals who ain't shit without their boys.
For example! :A group of voltron's: VS One individual

Voltrons: Yo motherfucka your a punk bitch and your lucky we dont kill you

One Individual: says nothing *Outnumbered*

later on....

One individual runs into a voltron crew member solo and says: click click BOOM BOOM . . . . BOOM
by Tacoslap January 10, 2011
A term for marijuana.
Are you still coming over to burn that voltron later?
by John... February 27, 2008
A machine fueled by oil and the blood of foreigners; Alpha et Omega.
Damned colourful giant robot.
by Digs July 24, 2004

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