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An arrogant person with no soul. Voldfaces believe they know everything and will be quick point out you why you are wrong. Nevermind that you are right.
Me: Gosh I have a headache.

VF: No you don't. Headaches don't occur at the level of atmospheric pressure found at this particular longitude and elevation.

Me: Excuse me. You are a voldface. I think you need a social life.
#voldemort #v-face #dwight schrute #intp #dr. house #simon cowell #dick
by voldbyter February 21, 2010
1 Word related to voldface
A term frequently used to describe an unfriendly, dirty-minded computer science major who thinks he knows more than you because he spends his time hacking your computer from a poorly-lit room.
"How does that awkward guy know my dog's name and my bra size?? What a voldface!"
#v-face #vf #vold #csc major #pervert
by voldbyter February 21, 2010
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