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a mixed drink based on the screwdriver which uses Orangina instead of orange juice; the name comes from the combination of vodka + Orangina
We were out of Goldschläger so the next best pimp drink we could come up with was the vogina. We drank voginas until 3:00am when Alex's dad got home and kick our asses out of his house for stealing his vodka. I can still taste the pulp.
#vodka #orangina #screwdriver #orange juice #pimp
by Überschwanz May 05, 2007
a guy who thinks hes funny and constantly tells jokes that involve making fun of people. Usually one who plays way too much FPS and says "noob" or asks people if they are new in excessive amounts.
That vogina thinks hes sweet
#vo #evo #eric #vagina #azn
by pgore November 21, 2005
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