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a mixed drink based on the screwdriver which uses Orangina instead of orange juice; the name comes from the combination of vodka + Orangina
We were out of Goldschläger so the next best pimp drink we could come up with was the vogina. We drank voginas until 3:00am when Alex's dad got home and kick our asses out of his house for stealing his vodka. I can still taste the pulp.
by Überschwanz May 05, 2007
a sexual position that is like the anal piledriver, except that the man massages the woman's G-spot with his fingers while fucking her in the ass; it is called the über anal piledriver because it goes above and beyond the anal piledriver (German über means above or super)
She absolutely loved it last night when I surprised her with the über anal piledriver, a move I learned while backpacking through Germany 2 years ago.
by Überschwanz February 18, 2007
when your perception of time is warped for some reason and you don't quite know why the time of day or the day of the week doesn't feel right
Natalie thought it was Wednesday, but it was really Thursday. She obviously got chronofucked.
by Überschwanz April 26, 2007
refers to a penis which is larger than average, usually in both length and girth
Don't call it a fat cock. Call it a magnum phallus. It's classier that way.
by Überschwanz September 04, 2006
A German word which literally translates as "super cock".
That guy I fucked last night had an Überschwanz.
by Überschwanz January 23, 2005
a driver who drives slowly, but just fast enough so that they can get through a green light at an intersection, but the person behind them gets stuck with a red light and has to wait for the next green light, often leading to cursing and flipping off by the second party toward the first
I got stuck behind a green light goblin yesterday, but I wasn't taking that shit. I accelerated and drove around the fucking jerk and threw my coffee at his car.
by Überschwanz February 27, 2007
word used to describe a girl or woman who has large breasts as well as a slim, attractive, hourglass-shaped waist (sometimes referred to as "curves")
Man you should have seen the hot girl I screwed last night. She was fuckin' racktangular.
by Überschwanz January 06, 2006
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