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cheap vodka that is known my his full name of the russian "vladimir"
Did you get us a bottle of vladdy?
by Lindsay January 19, 2005
Cheap vodka, a friend of college and high school kids. Low cost but potent enough to get you hammered. It burns going down...and when it comes back up.
Timmy from this day forward you will never be allowed to drink Vladdy in my presence or we are no longer friends. Friends don't let friends drink Vladdy unless its an emergency... and its never an emergency so don't do it. Its worse than crack. Smoke crack instead its better for you.
#vladdy #vladimir #vodka #liqour #liquor #vladi #burn
by Timmy W. April 26, 2008
A man's phallus.
That sleazy dude needs to keep his vladdy in his pants.
#man #phallus #sex #wurst #sausage
by the cruciator December 15, 2013
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