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The act or practice of cutting into or otherwise injuring living animals, especially for the purpose of scientific research... hey, the above guy didn't give a good def so I cut 'n' pasted from
There's a chicken on the table.. tied down by leather straps. The smiling scientist comes over with a large knife while the chicken tries to get away. Then, the smiling scientist jabs the knife into the chicken's side, trailing down its organs, allowing the lungs and liver to fall unto the table. The chicken, miraculously, is still alive but in a world of hurt. The smiling scientist then grabs a small hammer and smashes the fowl-play's beak. This sends the poor poultry into shock, then dies in pain as the smiling scientist gently snaps its ribs out of its bloody chest.. one by one...
by Eric Melech June 04, 2005
FUCK VIVISECTION I'd like to see that shit being done to humans, and seeing how everyone reacts
Vivisection is scientific fraud
by diva November 17, 2004
vivisection is scientific fraud
for more authentic results vivisection should be used on convicted peados,rapists and terrorists.
by monkey in a cage September 29, 2006
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