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Gender: Masculine
Usage: Indian
Means "wisdom, knowledge" in Sanskrit.

Vivek is a hindi word which literally means "intellgence" or the wisdom or knowledge. It's this very unique feature or quality of human being gifted by the GOD to humans which makes it a completely different form of living being from animals and plants.

It's the knowledge that helps him in differentiating what is right and what is wrong.

It's only through vivek that a man can realise god and its inner self.
Vivek Paul
Vivek Menon
Swami Vivekananda
Vivek (actor) (Tamil movie comedian)
Vivek Oberoi (Bollywood actor)
by Shiznick April 06, 2008
329 96
the feeling when you see some one sooo sexy... it is hte feeling when you feel the sexy vibe.... it is when you feel sexy, yet not sexual however note the deliniation!
are you feeling vivek today?
by suga834 November 06, 2006
294 151
everything important to me.
i love you vivek. endlessly.
by johnnysuccubus January 14, 2009
185 87
Someone who has swag levels so high they're off the charts.
Did you see that guy? He's so cool he's like Vivek
by teeniv May 17, 2011
103 31
Vivek is God
Vivek, you are GOD..!!!
by feni April 27, 2011
74 30
Wisdom, Intelligence(buddhi), Judgement of Right and Wrong.

This unique wisdom is believed to be a quality of being gifted by God and sets apart humans from other living things.
During traditional hindu prayers, the term Vivek is denoted to say god give us the wisdom/judgement
by unlimitedmasti December 21, 2011
24 6