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the baddest mother fucker of the baroque era.

composer of the famous "The Four Seasons" violin concerto.
gloria in d rocks my socks.
by pseudonym i think so December 26, 2004
The act of plucking a girl's pubic hair like smooth handcrafted strings of a '700 rare Stradivari violin. Conduct the various movements with your penis (no hands allowed) for best results.
Reginald: "Hey man, where is this beautiful symphonic music coming from?"

Harvey: "Classic. Osvald is giving Ursula a well tempered Vivaldi"
by Wolfgang Amadeus From Hell October 13, 2010
A horrible composer during the Baroque period. Followed all the rules of theory and had little to no melodic significance.
Lame musician: Hey, i can play a bunch of 16th note runs, arent i cool now?

Intelligent musician: No, anyone can play scales and arpeggios. Go play something with a melody why don't ya?

Shostakovich's violin concerto is better than Vivaldi's. Why? cuz Shosty's is hard to play and has a melody. Vivaldi just stuck a bunch of notes from a key togeth and called it "Four Seasons."
by Imbetterthanyou November 08, 2008

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