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1. Before deflowering a confirmed female virgin, before she thinks you (the man) is about to enter her vagina, you ask her if she would like to have sex and still be a virgin. Right after she asks why or how, you insert your penis into her anus.

2. Directly before having sex, a male claims that he is a virgin. As he moves his genitalia towards the vagina, he inserts his penis into her anus.
1. Man 1: Hey man, did you take that girls v-card last night?

Man 2: Not technically, I asked her if she wanted to keep her virginity then gave her the ol' Virgin Mudslide.

2. Female: I don't know if that guy knew what he was doing or not, but he pulled a virgin mudslide.
by Derilic Mybles September 26, 2011
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