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a virus known only to a specific family with the surname hadji
that bot is such a VIRAL
by hadjster March 24, 2008
a very attractive young lady
"omg! look at the girl, shes so viral!"
by clockwork54321 June 21, 2009
Viral, an elite Counter-Strike player.
Viral is so leet!! OMGWTFBBQ!!
by Jason December 05, 2004
gayest person who is allergic to curry.(Which he eats with a nut pick)
Viral, hahahahahaha, allergic to curry, hahahahaha
by Bruce...hahaha April 12, 2005
second awesomest person in the world, except for jackie
Viral is running for most awesomest person in the world.
by strongbad March 13, 2005

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