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a flash video submitted to newgrounds on december 6th, 2004. it scored relatively low, until site owner tom fulp put it on the front page. it then achieved major success as a hilarious flash video, and although it gained this success too late to win any awards, it still gained a score higher than 4.10 since december it has achieved more than a million views. it has been featured on vh1, cnn, and stolen from newgrounds by at least 80 other websites. and this is only after 2 months (this definition was written on 2/13/05). it is a flash phenomenon sure to beat out all your base.
the song used in numa numa dance is entitled Dragostea Din Tea, sung by romanian pop group O-zone. killer.
by thegreatmonkey February 13, 2005
The newest Internet celebraty, in the same vein as Bubb Rubb and Star Wars Kid.

A chubby teenager sings and dances to "Numa Numa," a techno song by a Romanian boy band O-Zone. The "Numa Numa Dance" peaked in early 2005.
Myahe, Myaha, Myaha HA HA
Allo? Salut.
by Jake February 28, 2005
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