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a maniac who likes to hit and kick people for no reason. Being violent is bad. violent people dont have friends.
liz is violent, therfore no one likes her.
by ihateviolentpeople February 06, 2006
adj. Synonym for cool, beastly, or serious.
Example 1:

Jimmy: "I just got a new car."
Mike: "That's violent!"

Example 2:

Evan: "Did you see the trailer for the new Halo game?"
Chris: "It was violent!"
by UrbanLynx March 18, 2010
Bad ass. Cool. Savage.
That's a savage drink you just made, thanks man.
by mikwat October 09, 2004
Totally fuckin' awesome
This man's actions are violent in excess of what has come to be known as excessive violence. This is to say he is totally fuckin' awesome
by Some Loser August 28, 2006
1. Of a nature causing pain to or startling others, often causing lots of bloodshed and gore.

2. Visually violent, causing the burnage of retinas and temporary colorblindness. Often in reference to something that is bright and contrasts a lot. Often with negative connotations, but not always.
1. "That action movie was violent! Did you see the scene where that guy got shot in the head?!"

2. You and a friend are in a mall when you see a boy go by wearing a large noen-yellow floppy-brimmed sun hat with an electric blue band and bow, red and black raver goggles around his neck, a day-glo green t-shirt, neon hunter-orange pants with purple leopard print cargo pants tucked into hot-pink boots, and he carries a neon-magenta parasol.

Your friend: "Man, that's violent!"

You: "Yeah, my retinas just shorted out!"

Your friend: "He's pretty smexy, though!"
by Domi-chan August 31, 2006
How ignorant and stupid people spell violence.
"that retard on the forums said 'violents isn't the answer'."
by spellchecker August 01, 2006
1. The new spelling of the word Violence
Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Basil Marceaux of Tennessee has a comprehensive education plan. It includes reducing the amount of school violents amongst other brave reforms.
by Urlordandsaviour July 27, 2010
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