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A man that goes to Harpers Ferry High school listens to music and is named James Adam Gaynor but likes Adam. Can be found either listing to music,or badly singing the words,likes,making fun of rapping.Dosen't like milk also goes to LUE is mostly failing most of his classes. Is one of my friends.
If violent azure sings the final countdown or 99 problems one more time.
by Jesse Stone December 14, 2004
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A creature from the eastern coast of the US. Can often be found listening to music, and selling himself.
Violent Azure: you can have my isolation
Violent Azure: you can have the hate that it brings
Violent Azure: you can have my absence of faith
Violent Azure: you can have my everything
Sasuke Yoshihiro: w00t! VA's having a sale!
by Sasuke Yoshihiro July 29, 2004
A homosexual who sells himself on the street for little to no money who thinks he is suicidal and depressed...
Violent Azure: im still waiting for oyu to rape me in my sleep
by Mysterious Monkey December 22, 2004

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