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In Irish, the name Gaynor means- fair and soft; see Guinevere. Other origins for the name Gaynor include - Irish, Gaelic.The name Gaynor is most often used as a girl name or female name.

Gaynor also means strength
Gaynor is another name for Guinevere
by ScorpioWidow February 02, 2010
a young black man/woman who gets girls on the daily and slices sneak dissers. And is a loveable person but sometimes gets treated like shit because people don't realize how good he/she is good to them.
He is such a gaynor bro.
by fresh til death September 01, 2013
someone who believes they have partaken in sexual intercourse but in actual fact they have not.
Person A:"i got laid on the weekend!"
Person B:"dude, you are so pulling a gaynor"
by Gaelin April 26, 2006
someone who gets naked all the time.
likes to rub their private area on others.

drinks from the furry mug.
example one:
gaynor riding a bike in her underwear
mommy "put some clothes on, gaynor!"
gaynor "but you like it when im naked, momma."
exaple two:
by jewberry August 04, 2007
something or someone that is stupid or lame
i.e my teacher is being really gaynor today
i.e man those shoes are really gaynor
by Monica Novielli September 13, 2007
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