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Vinnies Joker is slang for a poker dealer who is fixing the cards in his favour (it is only referred to in a game where the person dealing is also playing) the dealer sometimes called a Mechanic in American circles is an expert in card manipulation and has the ability to give himself the best hand and ultimately win all the money.
We were playing poker down the snooker hall when this guy turns up and asks if he can play, we let him and on his deal he makes a pat hand every time!! He fleeced us all, that guy was a Vinnies Joker for sure

Did you see that dealer hitting 5 of a kind against the rest of the tables Royal Flushes and Quads?? Unbelievable!! They were all calling him a Vinnies Joker afterwards!!
by GamblersRamblers January 06, 2014
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