A guy who never gives up on what he loves. Will do anything to let his loved one know there is no one else. He is a great boyfriend an an amazing other half an best friend. Can always rely on him for anything an he will always be there through the thick an thin. He will show his love no matter what.
Vincent is the best man I could ever ask for.
by Hellokitty253 December 27, 2013
a hot Asian guy that is also sweet, caring, refined, talented, amusing, elegant, and grade A relationship material. The guy of a girl's dreams.
Jessica: Hey, where'd you get those pretty flowers?

Christine: My boyfriend brought me them today out of the blue.

Jessica: You're so lucky! Your boyfriend is SUCH a Vincent!
by julzmonkey December 11, 2006
He is extremely talented, young and handsome. Vincent is normally an amazing football player dominating the field around him, in which his level of play is elite (not to mention his game with the ladies ).
Only a Vincent could make that catch and get those ladies.
by vinp July 07, 2014
Vincents are a man of their word. They make a lot of friends and enjoy playing sports. Vincent's are extremely trustworthy. Vincent's are usually motivated by quotes. Vincent's work hard and accomplish goals. They show the same respect that a person would show them. If people were to go behind Vincent's back or anything like that. He would forgive them. But lose their trust. Vincent's 9/10 are usually the alpha of the pack. They enjoy putting more than one smile on a person face everyday.
by VinnieSkill January 07, 2015
a guy who is gay and loves to have sexual intercourse. He has a large penis so he can have sex with mulitple girls. He also loves masturbation, raping girls, and sex.
by Oral Sex January 08, 2015
A bit of a douchebag, gets the chicks anyway. Dresses in all purple. Has purple hair for some reason, most likely works a pizzeria. Will kill your nephew.
"Damn, Vincent is such an asshole."
by vincentsanasshole January 25, 2015
A man with a extremely small penis.
Girl:how was it last night?

Friend:horrible he had a Vincent.
by Hendrix612 July 14, 2014

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