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a hot Asian guy that is also sweet, caring, refined, talented, amusing, elegant, and grade A relationship material. The guy of a girl's dreams.
Jessica: Hey, where'd you get those pretty flowers?

Christine: My boyfriend brought me them today out of the blue.

Jessica: You're so lucky! Your boyfriend is SUCH a Vincent!
by julzmonkey December 11, 2006
A guy who never gives up on what he loves. Will do anything to let his loved one know there is no one else. He is a great boyfriend an an amazing other half an best friend. Can always rely on him for anything an he will always be there through the thick an thin. He will show his love no matter what.
Vincent is the best man I could ever ask for.
by Hellokitty253 December 27, 2013
He is extremely talented, young and handsome. Vincent is normally an amazing football player dominating the field around him, in which his level of play is elite (not to mention his game with the ladies ).
Only a Vincent could make that catch and get those ladies.
by vinp July 07, 2014
A man with a extremely small penis.
Girl:how was it last night?

Friend:horrible he had a Vincent.
by Hendrix612 July 14, 2014
A guy who almost always has his fly down.
I just saw that guy's wiener, what a Vincent.
by friendthegirl February 07, 2011
A Vincent is an extreme Man Faggot. 95% of the time, Vincents are 100% homosexual and has all the gay attributes one could think of. A Vincent is a person who says that he has a huge penis, but actually is small. Vincents most usually are Asian, but have Jewish features, such as big nose and steal money. They are average at sports but have no life. They seldom find the attraction of females. Even though they always flirt with white girls, the white girls would almost always reject them, and if one doesn't, the Vincent will be oblivious to the fact that he is being hit on, because he is a hardcore man fag. Vincents never have bright futures and will either live their lives wealthy but extremely gay and faggoty and will have no life or live poor and homeless and will sneak into supermarkets to sleep, and still be extremely gay and faggoty.

Oh yeah, Vincents also have no soul.
Omg, look at Vincent. he's such a faggot with no life. He's picking 10 cents off the ground and he's going to sleep in that supermarket tonight what a loner. Look at that white girl hitting on him. Say something, Vincent you faggot shes obviously hitting on you you should totally go for it but you're just too faggoty. No soul retard.
by bearhugnicolascage May 14, 2014
Often an italian who has a much smaller penis and a very very very hairy chest and prematurely ejaculates very often
Hottie 1: That guy couldent make me cum
Hottie 2: WOW what a vincent