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Another name for the Hindu God Ganesh, noted for his intelligence. Commonly used as a boy's name.
Did you see Vinayak at the concert yesterday?
by jakovosaurus April 20, 2008
A name often given to extremely intelligent male, and on occasion, female Indians.
Intelligence isn't their only area of strength, however;
They can adapt to any situation they're put in, and have skills in any and every area.
They don't give a shit about what people think of them, knowing their dreams and goals are far more important.
Hey Vinayak, let's go grab a bite to eat.

Vinayak, how do you do it?
by Tera985 April 10, 2013
an ancient Harappan term of endearment, appropriated by current-day Indian streetpunks as an expletive with ambiguous application; on odd occasion, it can also refer to the act of using a toilet plunger on the face of a moral policeman.
"Hey, vinayak! Do you want this vada-pav or not?!"


"I'm going to give that fuckin' fascist a vinayaking he won't forget, goddammit!"
by Colonel Muckabout February 06, 2009
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