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Someone who tries to pimp veronica mars so that the ratings increase, v-eronica mars + p-imp= v+imp= vimp
that girl is a vimp, also he was vimping the show
by Maples October 11, 2006
9 6
The nickname of the legendary baller and ladies man from Des Plaines, IL.
It's on tonight! Vimp is rollin deep with us!
by Global(847) October 05, 2008
4 2
Very Important Motherfucking Person
someone who is not just a very important person, someone who is a very important motherfucking person. v.i.m.p.
by nassty mc March 04, 2009
3 4
someone who ISN'T a pimp
yo, that fool is a vimp, he's such a loser
by Oxnerd December 21, 2004
6 9