the hottest man in the world with the sexiest voice.
no one else compares to him
by Nic March 08, 2004
OMG VILLE VALO IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALive.. and no1 loves him more then me and my friend nicole so Fuck whoever thinks otherwise
Funeral Hearts
Loves the funeral of hearts
Razorblade Romance
Your love is razorblade kiss
by Meg February 02, 2005
My Husband >.<
He is the sexiest man alive!
Was an alcoholic and does still smoke 50 cigarettes a day :)

He melts my heart, and it is hard to not dream about him if your surrounded by him.
• It's horrible when you're giving a microphone a blowjob and it's giving you negative feedback
- Ville Valo
by Helsinkipoisongirl May 17, 2009
Lead singer of HIM. His best friend, Bam. He is 6' 1". Born on November 22, 1976. Is now 30. Middle name is Hermanni. He was born in Helsinki, Finland. His eye color is blue-green. he's not satanist!!!! HE'S PAGAN!!!! He has a terrible fascination with pornography and old cars. His best friend and role model was a dog named Sami that tought him how to walk. No you are not a fan of Him, and no he is not the dad of your child, you're just a drunk and or high bitch who screwed some guy that looks like Ville, or you just want to get married to a famouse dude. Well get over yourself, not gonna happen. and no guys, he's not gay. Not to mention he is married and loves his wife verry much so.
Ville Valo makes disFUNctional Fun
by YourSweet666 February 18, 2008
A pasty faced Finnish guy, and lead singer of HIM, a "love metal" band. Judging by the other definitions on this website, his music, voice, pictures and mannerisms serve as a masturbatory aid to teenage girls around the world. Seeing as many of the girls talking about his lyrics seem to ovulate upon hearing them, I decided to give them a look. All I could see were the words "love," "death" and some other pseudo-Satanic references ("Your Sweet Six Six Six"). The music itself is simplistic, formulaic, and over-synthed like there's no tomorrow. I wonder how often he gets laid, seeing as every person on this site wants to jump his bone. I'd be surprised if the man can walk un-attended.
Finland, a country known for some of the coldest metal acts in the world is stuck with Ville Valo as their posterboy.
by Sargeist \m/ March 12, 2006
i love u ville
but not as much as i love lee
love u lee
by jshda/ May 24, 2004
Almost as pretty as I am but is better at putting on eyeliner.
He is my God
by silverdoll May 03, 2004

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