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The times when you can't play Halo. You're waiting for Halo. You're Walo.
When Lance is at work, he can't play Halo. He's Walo.
by Richard Breeeeeees May 22, 2009
A word used to show displeasure. Comes from "What A Load Of Shit"
by WALOS October 25, 2009
To play Halo (Xbox) on weed.
"Want to play some Walo?"

Example of the chat of a Waloer -

"You ever see that game of Halo... on weed? Oh, there's some crazy shit, man. There's a dude in the bushes. Has he got a gun? I dunno! RED TEAM GO, RED TEAM GO."
by biggreygorillaofdoom December 03, 2009
A common last name used amongst the homosexual community. Most people with the surname of walo are well known and open homosexuals. The only redeeming quality about them is that they have a tendency of joining the armed services, but due to recent law changes, can no longer do such. Due to the rampant assosiation with gays, the name walo is used as an insult commonly.
Straight guy 1: That guy was a faggot.

Straight guy 2: Yea. He was probably a Walo.
by Jaque Minot January 02, 2011
referring to when a man swallows a large amount of cum, an offensive word towards men
Brett:Your such fucken walo
Taylor: Trruu, but i'm glad it was with you!
by henry December 26, 2004
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