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Vampire I'd Like to Fuck
VILFs include: edward cullen, emmet cullen, jasper hale, and carlisle cullen
by that girl possessed September 14, 2008
Virgin I'd Like to Fuck
"Damn tilf is a vilf"
by Lolzman September 08, 2004
Vampire I'd Like to Fuck
Bree: *swoons* Oh my God, Edward Cullen...
Pogan: I know, he is a total VILF.
Bree: So are Jasper, Emmet, and Carlisle.
Pogan: You're right, they're all a bunch of VILF's
by ButterfliBritt August 09, 2008
Vampire I'd Love to Fuck.
Take note, it's Love, so the vampire is REALLY hot.
Person 1: Have you read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles?
Person 2: Why should I?
Person 1: First, the vampires don't sparkle.
Person 2: Then?
Person 1: The main guy, Lestat, is a VILF.
by Rockstar69 April 07, 2009
Stands For Vampire I'd Like To Fuck. Because there are alot of people out there killing to fuck a vampire.
"oh my gosh!"
"look to your right.."
"so? it's Edward Cullen?"
"yeah! oh yeah! he's a total V.I.L.F!"
by V.I.L.F January 11, 2009
Virgin I Like to Fuck
Look at that MILF

Na man that s a "VILF"
by TreeWatcher February 04, 2011
Visitor I'd like to fuck. (As in the TV show "V").
Man, that Anna is a VILF.
by cortjehster September 02, 2010
Viets (or Vietnamese) I Like to Fuck
Damn dude, that VILF is way better than that MILF.
by Sissyblade September 25, 2010