A genocidal Communist dictator. He hates the West and will stop at nothing to kill all the Capitolist. He loves one woman with all his might. He would die for her and only for her. He is a caring leader, redistrabuting the wealth. He is willing to call out other leaders on thier actions and is not afraid to go to war. He has his own private army of fanatics. Anyone who gets in his way has a chance of being shot or imprisoned. He is loved by the masses, but hated by others.
Did you see the news? Viktor has declared war on NATO!!!
by ViktorCzar999 November 14, 2011
Top Definition
1. awesome
2. a ninja
dude, did you that dude flip off his bike and kill that old lady?
Yeah, that was totally viktor!
by ninjanomics May 14, 2006
(noun) a russian name meaning one who is a winner or victorious. Vicky for short, a wonderful guy to have in your life. he is worth every moment of your time because he's the most amazing, caring, gentle and kind hearted person you will ever know. He is a strong person and is as his name suggests always the victorious one. He loves his friends and family, and adores his pets. Fond of nature, the magic in life, laughing, smiling and making people happy. His favorite past times include sport, writing magic and helping people see the truth through the haze. A stunning man and beautiful inside and outside. Always hold on to his hand, never let him go.
wow who is that wonderful guy? isn't he lovely?

i know right... he's amazing, he's viktor... the victorious. Vicky is the most caring person you will ever meet. keeper.
by God.pls.keep.us.strong June 15, 2010
viktor is one of the best and unusual names ever, he is very cute , usually has ABS and he's tall Also has Blue or green eyes. Can look like one of the most famous celebrities.
viktor is very smart
by viktorp123 November 21, 2012
Someone who is unable to stay true. Also willing to give into any attractive woman. Though he usually goes for someone younger than him.
Did you see that guy with that girl?
Yeah dude, it was totally Viktor.
by herewegobitch June 13, 2010
Person who refuses to consume any large amount of alcohol, but still pretends to be drunk to get stupid sluts to hook up with him.

Small schlong, cocky. Bad sack skills.

The best viktors' have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Ex. (Girl 1) :I can't believe I just hooked up with a Viktors!

(Girl 2): Ew!
by ~tooshie_lova~ March 03, 2009
Norwegian slang for gay, fudge packer.

May also refer to the anal flap.
"You are such a viktor!"

She had the most intense viktor i have ever seen.
by augernn October 27, 2010
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