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A caucasian kid who hangs out with Vietnamese kids who act black.
He acted like a major Vigger.
by Jason October 15, 2003
The German way of saying wigger.
Volfie stop being such a vigger!
#german #wigger #wolfie #sprackets #why do i have to come up with 5 fucking tags?
by Captain OJ August 02, 2006
A term for a vietnamese person who mimicks language, dress and mannerisms of black ghetto kids.

Vietnamese guy/girl acting them nigger'z

Vietnamese + Wigger = Chigger

Sometimes wear a Nike Hat/Visor crooked to da si. Wear'in dem Fubu's, Phat Farm, Nike, and them yon Ecko wear to be accecpted in the black community of their skoo.

Note: If the Vigger or Chigger or any kind of wanna-b-nigger wears a doo rag, there are most likley to get beatin up
hey gi's, i just got done shoppin at tha stoooore call....ummmm what u say??? oh i knoooo its li ecko or somthin...?

MAN that viet is wack, he's all up in the ghetto...G-H-E-T-T-O!
by Viet Pryde To Da Fulles June 19, 2005
A derogatory term for a vampire.
Dracula is such a vigger!
#leech #wigger #viger #viggar #vig
by Demon Chick April 28, 2009
1. A virtual nigger. For example, a self-aware program that thinks it's a nigger.

2. Someone who tries to act like a nigger online.

Person A: That AI is such a wanna-be.
Person B: Yeah, it's a damn vigger.

This guy was trolling around on the forums yesterday, trying to act tough. Damn vigger.
#nigger #ai #wannabe #vigger #virtual
by a fwigga December 07, 2010
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