Name of a very smart, intelligent person, quite easygoing, easy to get along with and easy to love. Vid is also a person who enjoys teasing others in a non-hurtful way and always gives you a lot of positive energy.

One of Vid's cons is that he is very stubborn and it's hard to convince him in something, if he believes the other way.
I'm meeting Vid at 10 o'clock.
by YourLittleTurtle January 11, 2015
A shortened version of videogame used occasionally in magazines and among semi-hardcore gamers
dude did you see the new vid i got yesterday?
by hippoking June 17, 2004
Short for Virgin In Denial. Also see V.I.D.
Dude, that guy's a total VID!
by AdamRamone March 26, 2005
slow, retard, unlikely to succeed
Vid Milisavljevic
by anko September 29, 2003
one who likes his mom
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
stupid idiot
by Rosco September 29, 2003
Video games.
"Yo man, just playing some vids."
by Some... Guy. October 05, 2008

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