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A Japanization of "victory", generally inspired by the NEO-GEO game "Samurai Shodown". This game announces "VICTOLY" in wonderful styled text upon a player win.
Victoly! A winner is you!
by perianwyr September 01, 2003
vic·to·ly (vick-toe-lee)

1. The complete ownage of all other bitches.
2. The state of having owned.
3. Success in a struggle against noobs or sometimes haxorz

{Engrish, from old samurai showdown games VICTOLY!}
2. Endless Victoly of Yourself.
by Septrimius Prax August 08, 2004
A term used to induce humiliation in another individual, usually in good humor. Derived from a typographical error in the victory scenes of Samurai Showdown.
Person 1: *trips and falls on face*
Person 2: VICTOLY!
by GuyMonkey December 11, 2004
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