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A term most commonly used by Stewie Griffin of Family Guy, a hit cartoon by Seth McFarlane.

If done correctly with accent and a good bit of exclamation, it can be an effective tool of mockery to be used after a victory, particularly a verbal showdown. If used after a physical encounter, you may have your ass kicked.
Person 1: stfu
Person 2: Perhaps if you can use full words, with at least one with more than one syllable, to insult someone, then perhaps, and that is only PERHAPS, I will be phased.
Person 1: *cries*
Person 2: Victory is mine!
by GuyMonkey December 11, 2004
Commonly known as PSMO. It is the single hardest song that has ever been seen in an arcade release of DanceDanceRevolution. This song makes its appearance in DDR Extreme, and is the Challenge steps to PARANOiA survivor MAX. The difficulty of this song is to the max in every category, save for perhaps Chaos (the song is relatively streamed). The day when a player achieves an A on this song is usually the pinnacle of his (or her) DDR career.
"It took me 2 years to beat PSMO, but I did it!"
by GuyMonkey October 23, 2004
A term used to induce humiliation in another individual, usually in good humor. Derived from a typographical error in the victory scenes of Samurai Showdown.
Person 1: *trips and falls on face*
Person 2: VICTOLY!
by GuyMonkey December 11, 2004

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