The word that is used to rub it in someones face after they have been geesed.
example 1 - Ray Lewis murdering Mike Vick
Lewis, "AWWWW, you just got victimized son."

example 2 - Student A Victimizing Student B and Student C confirms it.
Student A - "yo' momma's so fat, she got hit by a parked car"
Student B - "Ohh yea, well....uh..."
Student C - "Awwww snap, you just got victimized tinkerbel"
by Mike L. November 10, 2004
Top Definition
to be in the same room someone is having sex in when you are unaware of the situation.
Girl 1: "did you hear? Bob and Sue had sex last night at her house party."
Girl 2: "I fell asleep in the same room as Sue!!"
Girl 1: "Ohhh mannn, you got victimized!'
by warning147 June 25, 2009
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