the besy all guys high school in st.louis! the guys are all ewxtremely hot and they are the sweetest guys ever.. but they really don't ever actually go to school because there off for everything because there cool like that!the vianney hockey team is amazing and all the cool girls love them!
Katie: omg where did u find that guy ?? he's gorgous!
Me: Vianney of course!! where else??
by Jessi April 07, 2005
Top Definition
A Catholic Prep School in Kirkwood, Missouri that robs your parents of hard earned money. Intellectually devoid and often referred to as a "daycare", a class period at Vianney usually includes looking at pornography and/or fantasy baseball or watching a shitty movie from the late 1990s. (Bonus points if it stars Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson).
Vianney is ghey. Like buttsecks.
by Johhny Morgan's Nasal Organ June 28, 2005
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