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2 definitions for a viacommer


1. A greedy jew that wants to take what you own and use it to feel his greed plant, which is also jewish.

2. Someone that complains about being in your youtube video, or anything you have with them in it, which is almost unavoidable, so they aim to sue you for all you have, and then they go on with their jew selves 'splodin kid's heads across the world.
"howdy spencer, hows it going?"

"well, not so great thanks to you, man with no money."

"im your employer, i can fire you right now."

"ya, well maybe you should give up on life, because if you we're to fire me, ill sue you for copyright infringement because you have an employee of the month picture of me in your shop."

"srsly, viacommer?"

"ya, you'll lose everything except your children, which will also starve to death while i buy anti-youtube submarines, and ill feed everything you have to my greed plant, which shits 500,000 dollars everytime its fed."

"kk spencer, i won't fire you."

"and the youtube videos?"

"they're gone."
by communist, or bbqsauceisbad March 28, 2010
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