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An uncaring individual of a retail or customer service establishment who has no interest whatsoever in helping you.

Always there when you don't need them, and never around when you do.
Oh great, now I have to track down the employee of the month to get one of these stereos.
by RidinDirty August 12, 2006
someone who is both a winner & a loser at the same time
look at that employee of the month. what a dork!
by tomcon5 February 28, 2009
A guy's hand becomes the employee of the month when he breaks up with his girlfriend.
Guy: I just broke up with my girlfriend
Friend: How are you coping with the lack of sex?
Guy: I make use of the employee of the month (raises his hand)
by Dr.Pepper March 24, 2006
What I will be once I recatch that infamous awoling Psycho Bitch.
Psycho Bitch, you're own3d!
by Psych Ward Employee February 24, 2005