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To be angered at somebody or something
He was so vexxed at Kyle
by Relk March 29, 2005
A moron's way to spell vexed.
James: "I'm so vexxed."
Dan: "Dumbass."
#annoyed #confused #agitated #angry #pestered
by Dan the freaking man! September 27, 2010
A slang term for angry or mad in which you lose control of your temper and may tend to use violence or offensive language to let it all out.
Person 1: Wasteman!
#angry #mad #switch #totally #out of control #violent
by HOO SHAA! July 23, 2008
to be distressed, confused, to not understand make me so vexxed, why yu gotta be like that??

-wow...i am *so* vexxed righh now...
-i have nO idea what yur doing...

-so vexxed...
by chellay =) April 20, 2005
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