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shitest isp in australia
veridas is the shitest isp in Australia
by Slaphappy January 23, 2004
179 24
A contraction of "verging on destruction", it is a term used to describe an entity which has so brilliantly humiliated itself that its destruction is imminent.
"That company is going down the veridas road."
by VVebster February 01, 2004
117 16
Veridas is an Australian ISP who illegally shape customers even though it is not in the terms and conditions. See also: excrement.
Oh, good thing I didn't step in that big pile of Veridas.
by fuh-zay slippers May 23, 2006
106 20
A misspelling of a broadband wholesaler. It reads Veridas but should be pronounced VeriShite.
I didn't realise my ISP used Veridas...I mean, until I found out that my connection was Verishite!
by VoltageX August 08, 2006
60 3
Australian ISP and broadband reseller, who on September 21st 2006 celebrated 29 continuous hours of downtime for up to 30,000 paying customers.

At the time of writing, they were looking to extend this record further.

Also a synonym for excrement and other undesirable things.
"Veridas shafted me real good today!"
by DeuSexMachine September 21, 2006
40 5